joomla-2012We describe here how to install joomla in the localhost of your computer. If you want to install or check joomla, wordpress, drupal, html, php at first you have to download and install wamp server or xampp software which is make a server in your computer. Download and install one of these, installation process is easy and like others windows software. Here I am using wamp server, I suggest you for using it.
Now run wamp, you will see a wamp icon in the taskbar on your computer like the screen shot.wamp screen


We think you have followed the above instruction. Now your computer is ready and able to install joomla.  If you don't read our above post we suggest you to download joomla from here and see our above post 'How to start a website with Joomla' to be clear about joomla. Download the joomla latest and full version (not update version) as zip file from here and follow the instruction step by step:
1. Run Wamp server. After runing wamp you will see a wamp icon in your taskbar.
2. Create a folder on your desktop, rename it as 'newsite', put the joomla zip file into the newsite folder and unzip (extract) it. Now you can shift the joomla zip file only from here.
3. Now click on wamp icon from your taskbar and then click on 'www directory'. A 'www' folder will be opened. 
joom 01
4. Cut the newsite folder from desktop and paste into 'www' folder. Close it. (If you use xampp server you don’t find ‘www’ directory then you get ‘htdocs’ directory).
5. Click on wamp icon from taskbar and then click on 'phpMyAdmin'. A window will be opened on your default browser. We suggest to use Google Chrome or firefox as default browser.
6. Here you have to create a database name. We suggest you to follow us. Write database name 'technobeach' in the ‘create new database’ text box and press on create button. You will see the message- Database technobeach has been created. Now you can close this window. 
joom 02
7. Click again on wamp icon from taskbar and then click on 'localhost'. You will see a new window on your browser. Here, 'newsite' folder will be shown under the 'Your Project' of the page.
joom 03
8. Click on 'newsite' from the page. Joomla installation process will be started. Here ask to select a language. Click on 'Next' button.
joom 04
9. 'Pre-Installation Check' windows will be opened. Just click on next.
joom 05
10. You will see license window. Press next.
joom 06
11. Now you will get the 'Database Configuration' window. Select database type 'Mysql', hostname 'localhost', username 'root' it is default for localhost, write database name 'technobeach' which is created before and press on 'Next' button.
joom 07
12. FTP configuration page will come. Here no need to write anything, just click on next.
joom 008
13. You will get 'Main Configuration' page. Write your site name in the first text box. Here I have written but you can write your any website name. Put email on the email box, write admin user name and password, 'admin' is written as user name by default if you change it or not you must have to remember username and password because its will need next time. You will see an 'Install Sample Data' button. If you click this button joomla sample data will be installed then after joomla installation you will see a full feel website, if you don't this you will get an empty site. First time you can try it. Click on next.
joom 08
14. A finish page will come to you. Here you will see a message to remove installation folder. Just press on 'Remove installation folder' button and wait. You will see a new message is shown on the button here is written 'install folder successfully removed'.
joom 09
15. You are success. joomla installation process is completed. To view your website click on the ‘site’ button from the top of the page and if you want to modify click on ‘administrator’ button then login with username and password.
joom 009
There are two parts of joomla, one is front panel (website) and other administrative panel (back panel). You modify your site from back panel and result will be shown in front panel.
If you successfully complete all above steps your website (front panel) URL will be- http://localhost/newsite/
Your administrator panel URL will be- http://localhost/newsite/administrator
If wamp server is inactive your URL or server doesnot work. So always run the wamp server to use localhost.
Here we have discussed how to install joomla in your computer or localhost. You will get how to shift your website localhost to remote server and how to install joomla in your remote server in our next post- ‘Joomla installation tutorial (part-2)’. 
You will get details information of joomla administrative panel and you have to know how to modify your site. Please visit our site on regularly to learn all about joomla.


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