joomla-technoWhat is Joomla:

Before starting website making we need to know some basic information on joomla. Joomla is a CMS (content management system) website operating system which is make under the Joomla Open Source Matters. The php, sql database, html, css, asp, java and jquery are used with combination to make joomla. The first version of joomla is 'joomla_1.0' which was released on 2005. After releasing the joomla_1.0 it was established as the most popular CMS within few days beside the wordpress.
The main reason of its popularity is availability of free extension, template, information, instruction, joomla community support, forum and easy to use. 

What kind of websites are made by Joomla:

Generally joomla is using to create dynamic blogs website, business website, personal website, image, video & software download site, commersial site, online shopping, forum site, e-commerce site, online magazine and newspaper, educational site etc.
The visitor or user is able to register as a member in the joomla site and he able to write/publish blog, advertise, image, video if the site administrator gives this facility.

What is the facility of Joomla:

If we want to create a website, we have must to learn programming language like html, php, asp, java, sql etc. It is not possible for all but a website is need for every person. So the joomla makes it possible for all to build any number of website without learning any types of programming language. Joomla does not take any charge for using it, its’ a freeware. Joomla has more then 30 million times downloaded and 1 million times download in each month which is proving its popularity.

Joomla Versions:

Joomla_1.0 is the first version of joomla which was released in 2005. The next version of joomla is 1.5. Currently joomla_2.5 version is running. Joomla_3.0 version is released but is not a final version; the final version joomla_3.5 will be released on 2014. We suggest you to use joomla_2.5 version, because supporting of joomla_1.5 will stop soon.

How to use joomla:

For using joomla at first you have to download joomla_2.5.7-Stable-Full_Package from here and have to install on your computer or in your server. It can not be installed in the computer as like general software (.exe) of computer. Here, we will be publishing serial tutorial all about the joomla, so visit our site on regularly. You will know How to install and use joomla in our next tutorial.