joomla-drupal-wordpressFree website making:

At present time every person has need a website. If you want, you can create a personal website or blog site for you. Now many people make enough profit from their blog site. You can make a website without any fees. Some subdomain providers are giving this facility. They don’t take any fees for their service.


The popular subdomain providers are,,,, etc. If you would be a register member to or you are able to create website that’s name would be You have no need learning web design, no need hosting space, not taken any hidden charge. If you want to make your website with premium domain just buy a domain name (ex: and add to your existing website (




Then your website ( will be shifted to You can buy premium domain from,,, We will publish serial learning tutorial about making website on, and



Premium website making:

If you want to make premium or dynamic website at first you have to buy a premium domain name (ex: and a premium hosting spaces. I suggest or for taking domain and hosting. To making dynamic website you have to know about domain control pane, hosting c-panel, web designing and website building. If you do not know any programming language you can use webpage designing tool. Microsoft front page, adobe dreamweaver, html editor are the most popular webpage designing tools. You can make web page using the tools, linked between them and upload to hosting root directory.


Weebly LogoIt you want to make a professional and attractive dynamic website or blog site you are suggested to use CMS. CMS (content management system) is the most popular website building method or software. More then 60% websites of worldwide are using CMS. Most popular CMS are wordpress, joomla, drupal etc. Any one can make their website through the CMS without learning any programming language. Just download, install one of these and use it as your wish. Joomla, wordpress and drupal are made popular availability of their thousand more free plugins, template/theme, and tutorial. 
We will published serially learning tutorial about joomla, wordpress and drupal beside the blogspot and weebly. Here will be included joomla, wordpress and drupal installation, maintenance tutorial and user guide. You will get domain control panel, hosting c-panel and file management tutorial. You can learn about html, php, java etc from here. Please keep you eye on the site to know more. Thanks to all. 

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Nice description of Joomla. Thanks. Waiting for next one of Joomla tutorial.