exact match domainRecently Google has updated an algorithm named EMD (Exact Match Domain). This algo is to control that domain which is low-quality exact matched with its main keyword. On the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) EMD category domain will not show on 1st page. After the updates, already huge EMD domain lost their position on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

So now question is, what does it mean by Exact Match Domain (EMD)? If you have a website about My Exact Match Domain and domain is www.myexactmatchdomain.com. So that catagory domain is under EMD which one is exact matched with its search phrases. Though everyone was looking for a exact matched domain before, now it is not accepted to Google for search ranking.

exact match domain influence

exact match domain

The Exact Match Domain (EMD) algo updates is to control web spamming but it is not exact or likely to Google Panda or Penguin update. Some days back (28/9/12) Goggles' head of the web spam team Matt Cutts has told on Twitter about the Exact Mach Domain and mentioned it as a minor weather report. As per his speech- This algo will affect low-quality "exact-match" in search results.

exact match domain EMD

On Matt Cutts Tweets' he has warned about Exact Match Domain (EMD) that it will affects 0.6% of English-US queries with a noticeable degree. But it is not related with Google Panda or Penguin.