google penguin updateGoogle has just launched their penguin update to control web spamming. It is a data refresh and for those sites which are not following Google quality guideline and also penguin algorithm is focused on those sites that are breaking Google’s current excellent recommendations.

The update means quality blog or content owner have more visitors on their site. After penguin update, many bloggers lost their search position because of over optimizing. Google always likes your high quality and unique content.


 google penguin updates



Important Things You should Remember of after Penguin Update:


  • Avoid invisible textual content or invisible links. It means Google does not like BLACK HAT.


  • Quality Content is very important to Google. Google always gives priority on unique and high quality article. So good writing skills, understanding public networking is very important on SEO.


  • Always use perfect keywords on your site. Do not use to many and unrelated keyword on your site. Avoid over search engine optimization of your site.


  • Spam inbound links is SEO poison for your site. It will affect of your site's search position. Google always likes natural links which is the aim of penguin updates.



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Excellent and informative post. Thanks.
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Nice post. Thanks.
0 # DU Himel 2012-07-24 15:21
Google new algorithm. Be careful.
0 # Mridul 2012-07-24 15:24
Yes! Google penguin is for spamming/black hat. Careful.
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Good content and very impotent news. thank
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