Google AdsenseOn some website, you may see adsense customized ad unit are used. Sometime they are using more than three ad unit though this is a reason to ban your adsense account. Now you may surprise how they did it and you must thinking to apply your adsense ad unit this way to increase your adsense earning.

For your information, this is adsense premium service and Google adsense has introduced this premium service for their loyal publisher. So this is a premium service of Google Adsense where publisher can optimized more than three customized ad unit on their website if they fulfill the adsense premium service eligibility.

Now question is- how to become an adsense premium publisher and what is the eligibility for it. Normally when an adsense publisher get around 20 Million page views a month or 5 Million search queries then they can be eligible for adsense premium publisher. However, this is not an exact requirements, a publisher can be premium before reaching this amount of traffic if adsense team wants.

To get this service, publisher do not need to apply for a premium account, adsense will contact with publisher when an account reached mentioned traffic. Publisher does not have any option to apply for a adsense premium account. Becoming a premium publisher depends on adsense teams' decision and when a publisher becomes eligible. After becoming a premium, publisher will get an adsense expert dedicated adsense manager to contact. Publisher will be able to negotiate revenue sharing; can customize their ads with more than three ad units. Most importantly, they can have a boost of earning from premium account.


After being a premium publisher, you can earn a lot more by your website by optimizing more customized ad units and negotiate revenue sharing.

  • Publisher will have own adsense experts and ad managers to call upon at any time.
  • Publisher can fix revenue sharing percentage with adsense by negotiate.
  • Publisher can customize ad code to change text, color, size using CSS.
  • It is not need to have the "AdChoices" or "Ads by Google" logo mark on ad units.
  • On Adsense for search, publisher is allowed to use direct link.
  • Publisher is allowed to place more than three ad units on each page.

So keep your good work on your page, hopefully very soon you are becoming an adsense premium publisher to maximize your adsense earning.


0 # IdigiTech 2012-10-29 10:16
Google Team is going to introduce the facility to apply for Premium facilities in next few months and process will be much more easier for Adsense publishers