AdSense EarningFor publishers, Google AdSense is the best way to earn money online. AdSense is a advertizing program by Google. So if you have a website or blog you can earn money by using AdSense ads to your site. If you are thinking to create your own blog you can see this post.

Here I am giving some tips how to increase AdSense revenue by using your website or blog.

1. For better performance, use Large Rectangle ads (336X280), (728X90), (160X600) = many publishers say that those ads unit are getting more CTR then others another reason most advisers like to advertise on those AD UNIT.

2. Use content related keywords and it can give you higher CPC. Using keyword is very important as it indicate what kind of ads will show on your side. High demandable keyword gets higher click rate but remember, your content must be related with your used keywords.

Google AdSense copy

3. Never inspire, misguide visitors to click on your Adsense ads. Adsense is observing all activity. More clicks from one IP is cause invelid or low CPC.

4. Change ads color, size and place for better performance of your ads.

5. Best place to put ads on top side of your site/blog. If you put ads then visitor can see those easily which can increase your ads performance. Ads on article can give you a good revenue.

6. Most of publisher says to avoid using low performance ads unit and focas on higher performance ads unit. So you should have a look your ads unit performance and put those higher performance ads unit instant of lower performance ads unit.

7. Use text, picture and media ads for better performance.

8. Increase your sites traffic by Search Engine Optimization, social sharing.

9. Use adsense for feed and adsense for search. It will give you more benifit from your site.

"Happy AdSense Earning."

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0 # Jalil 2012-10-05 19:14
Thanks for those tips. Let me try on my site.