utubeYouTube has rearranged its website recently for its viewers to make it easier to them and find out their favorite channels and also for a better look of it. It replaced staid white background by the touch of gray. The main goal of YouTube by reorganizing is to make easier to users.


This is the biggest changes in its history since Google bought the site for 1.76 billion USD five years ago. The redesign included sweeping changes of its homepage, channel pages for better video watching. In the recent months all of Google services has been sprucing up including Gmail. The changes of the YouTube are the largest campaign to create a unified social layer for all of Google products.



The site has been redesigned in three vertical columns and homepage looks like Facebook or Google+. On the left side of the homepage user can make own, customizable and personal channel line up, sign in or create a YouTube account. A user can browse recommended channels, customize homepages feed and link YouTube account to Google+ and Facebook to see sharing items on Google+ and Facebook account. In these changes there are lots of rearrangement we found on its outlook, article style, button style, feed and many more.


On the new look of YouTube one can –


  • Upload a video
  • Like a video
  • Comment on a video
  • Favorite a video
  • Subscribe to a video
  • Add a video to a play list


On the main menu there are lots of options those are divided on different parts viewers can choice. On middle menu is the main body showing articles and video shared and from the left menu you can choice category you like.. On the channel, it becomes two columns and video player on main column which can choice small, large and full screen. On the right column always gives priority on your choice. On the new organized YouTube user can customize as wants.


You Tube at a Glance-


  • Founded: February 14, 2005
  • Founded: Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley
  • Owner: Independent (2005-2006), Google Inc: (2006-Present)
  • Headquarters: 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, California, United States
  • Language: Available in 51 Languages.