facebook-8969876Now a day we all have facebook account and it is a good way to communicate with friends and our relatives. So it is important to find easy way to use facebook. Here I have explained you how to use facebook with shortcut key. However you should use it on different browser in different way.

Firefox shortcut key:-

Shift+Alt+1: to see new feed

Shift+Alt+2: to see own profile

Shift+Alt+3: to see friend request pop-up

Shift+Alt+4: to see message pop-up

Shift+Alt+5: to see notifications pop-up

Shift+Alt+6: for account setting pop-up

Shift+Alt+7: for privacy settings

Shift+Alt+8: for profile

Shift+Alt+9: to see service agreement

Shift+Alt+?: for search

Shift+Alt+M: to write new message.


Google Chorme shortcut key:-

Alt+1: To see New Feed

Alt+2: To see own profile

Alt+3: to see friend request pop-up

Alt+4: to see message pop-up

Alt+5: to see notifications pop-up

Alt+6: for account setting pop-up

Alt+7: for privacy settings

Alt+8: for profile

Alt+9: to see service agreement

Alt+?: for search

Alt+M: to write new message.

If you are an internet Explorer browser, then just follow google chorme shortcut and press Enter. I hope it will help you to by this social networking well.