windows-7-logoWindows operating system is the number one user friendly computer operating system created by Microsoft corporation. After releasing the window7 version it creates unexpected demand to user and it gets big popularity within a few days and till now.
Now we will discuss about windows7 installing process.
windows7 installing tutorial is an old tutorial because Windows 8 is now running. But it is need for them who are using windows7 but can not install yet now. Windows8 installing process also same. You can install windows 8 if you know windows7.


If you want to install windows7 in your computer its’ have to requirement minimum configuration like 1GHz Processor, 20GB Hard disk free space, 1GB Ram, DVD rom. You need to know that windows 64bit version is suitable for 64bit processor and windows 32bit for 32bit processor.

You can install windows7 following these steps:

1. Insert windows7 disk in to your computer’s dvd drive and restart your computer.
2. Run boot/bios option and select dvd drive as a first boot device. You can run boot/bios menu by pressing F12/ F2/ F10 or Del it is also depended on your main board. Your computer’s boot/bios key will be seen in your monitor when your computer is opening.
windows7 boot 1
3. Save boot/bios setting following given instruction but don’t change others. Your computer will be restart.
4. You will see ‘Press any key to boot from CD/DVD’. Press Enter button or other any one.
Windows7 installing process will be starting and you have to wait few minutes for file loading. 
Windows 7 file loading
5. Select language and time from here then press next.
6. Press on the Install now button.
install now 1
7. Click on the check box ‘I accept the license terms’ and then Next 
8. Which type of installation process do you want?
9. Here you will get two options Upgrade and Custom. If you want to install windows automatically in the existing drive you have to select Upgrade. If you need to modify, create, delete, resize or format hard disk partition you have to select Custom.
You have to select where you want to install Windows. Generally ‘C’ drive is best for windows. Select 'C' and next.
windows-7-install-part selection
10. If you select Custom you can modify, create, delete, resize and format hard disk partition using the following function. If you don't need other you can format, select 'C' and next.
11. Then press next. Windows installation will be started. Your computer can be restart 2/3 times when process is continuing. At this time you see in your monitor ‘Press any key to boot from CD/DVD’ never press any key. All activities will be continuing automatically. 
12. If ask for serial key you have to insert serial key, If you have not serial remove the mark of the check box and press next.
13. Your total windows installation process will be completed within 20-25 minutes. At this time computer can ask for user name, password (not require), security access, upgrade access.
After completing total process you will see finish message and computer will be restart and it will be run with windows7.


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It's very essential topics for me. I have succeed to install windows 7 following your post. thanks.