MacBook Pro000001Apple incorporation announced that they have released a new type MacBook Air in the market which name is MacBook Pro. It is the thinnest laptop of the world. It seams that the new MacBook Pro is come to the market compete to Google Crome, Microsoft Windows Operating System operated laptop and other existing competitor. 



Philip W. Schiller, The senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple has said in the worldwide developers conference of San Francisco that a high speed processor is used to the MacBook Pro. It seems that it may be most popular to the user.

Basic Information of MacBook Pro which has been released recently:MacBook Pro12345454

Thin of MacBook Pro: 0.90 - 0.95 Inches

Width of MacBook Pro: 11 – 16 Inches

Depth of MacBook Pro: 8.50 - 10 Inches

Weight of MacBook Pro: 2.06Kg - 2.56Kg

 Price of MacBook Pro: $1199 - $3000

A new MacBook Pro will come to the market very soon. The latest core i7 processor ‘Ivy Bridge’ is used to it. New MacBook Pro will have 768 GB flash storage and USB 3 connectivity facility. Its’ Weight will be only 2 Kg and thin 0.71 inch. The highest regulation retina display is used to it. 

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